Pawsitivity Salon & Pet Services, Zusias, LLC

Our Mission

<h4><b>By Appointment Only</b></h3> <p>At Pawsitivity Salon & Pet Services, Suzanne takes the time to give your pup(s) a gentle, thorough bath & brush or full-groom with safety being top of mind (no cage-dryers here!). All pups are thoroughly combed out, dematted, shampooed & conditioned with high-quality, natural products and hand blow-dried before receiving a detailed, gentle haircut. I take longer than most salons (on purpose!!!) to ensure a safer, more thorough, quality groom.</p> <p>Daycare pups spend the day at my house (either with my dogs or not - your choice), and have the comforts of my entire house (many lounge on the couch or master bed) and 3,400sf backyard space to run in with sparkling pool to take a splash or just enjoy the view! Snack time is mid-day. Hourly, full & half day visits available. Pick-up & Delivery are available.</p> <p>My unique, overnight service has proven to reduce stress for your pup(s) as they return home each night after a fun day at daycare to eat dinner at home and sleep in their own bed. I pick them up and deliver them home each day and include a late night visit each night for pottie, treat and meds. You are home before they know it!!!</p> <p>Known as the gentle groomer in Fountain Hills for over 15 years!</p>

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